The Impact Investor:

Lessons in Leadership and Strategy
for Collaborative Capitalism

“The rise of impact investing requires only that we coordinate our efforts and, with careful urgency, bring the “invisible heart” of markets to help those whom the “invisible hand” has left behind. ”

Sir Ronald Cohen

This book was written by Cathy Clark, Jed Emerson and Ben Thornley. Cathy is a leading authority in impact investing and social entrepreneurship and a professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Jed developed the “Blended Value” concept, which is used to evaluate organizations and investments in terms of their ability to generate a blend of financial, social and environmental values, and is Senior Advisor to three family offices which execute 100% Sustainable and Impact Investment wealth management strategies. Ben is the Founder and Managing Director of ICAP Partners and advises leading financial institutions such as CalPERS on the social and economic impacts of over $25 billion of investments.

The main thesis of this book is that impact investing is an idea whose time has come. The authors justify that impact investing has come of age by studying and analyzing hundreds of practitioners in the field and dissecting what has lead them exceed investors expectations not only in financial returns but also on the social and environmental impact generated.

The Impact Investor provides the basics to understand the field of impact investing and how anyone can use it to make their investments as profitable and impactful as possible. It also digs into innovative structures and strategies being used by financial institutions to leverage the power of blending financial, social and environmental impact.

This is extremely valuable since, according to the authors, the days of capitalism and mainstream investing as we know them are fading away, giving way to an era where all investing is impact investing. This is due to the fact that investors are increasingly taking into consideration environmental and social implications alongside financial returns in their portfolios.

This book is a great guide to anyone who wants to understand what impact investing is, where it is today and where it’s going. It provides the basics for impact investing and shows how it can be done successfully.

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