Impact Investing:

Transforming How We Make Money
While Making a Difference

“My experience with eBay demonstrated that you can do well by doing good. Impact Investing explores this important idea and provides many examples of the social impact that a for-profit business can ignite.”

Pierre Omidyar  Founder & Chairman, eBay

This book was written by two global thought leaders in the impact investing field, Antony Bugg-Levine and Jed Emerson. Antony assembled the 2007 meeting in which the phrase “impact investing” was coined. He is currently the Board Chair of the Global Impact Investing Network, CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund and was Managing Director at the Rockefeller Foundation. Jed developed the “Blended Value” concept, which is used to evaluate organizations and investments in terms of their ability to generate a blend of financial, social and environmental values, and is Senior Advisor to three family offices which execute 100% Sustainable and Impact Investment wealth management strategies.

The central theme of this book is that we are in a moment in time that marks a transition in how we think about investing. We are at an inflection point in the way we look at money. The mentality that investments should only pursue financial returns and people who care about social and environmental issues should donate their money to charities are fading away,

Investors are starting to recognize that you no longer have to choose between profits and generating positive social and environmental impacts. Nowadays, with impact investing, we are increasingly finding more opportunities where profit and impact not only go hand in hand but reinforce each other. The more profit generated, the more impact.

This book is a great introduction of how impact investing can make use of the markets to address many of the world’s social and environmental problems, while generating attractive financial returns. The book helps define this emerging industry and chart the path of what is becoming a new field of investing. It reveals how it can grow to become a positive disruptive force and address the most critical social and environmental issues of our time.

The authors explore a wide variety of opportunities and applications of the field with illustrative examples and success stories, highlighting its pioneers and leaders and describing the conditions that will drive the industries growth.

This book is for anyone interested in how investments can help address social and environmental issues while still making a profit. It is a compelling guide for anyone who wants to be a part of this positive disruptive movement.

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