Why You Should Be Generating Solar Leads Online

It’s no secret; the Internet is taking over the way we sell and market everything

The reason for this is because there are three market forces that have come into alignment to form an important market window that anyone in the solar industry can step through.

1- The Economic Forces

First of all, there’s the economic forces behind this. Ironically, as the cost of solar panels have dropped more than 80% in the last few years, the cost of selling and marketing solar has remained steady or even gone up.

Proof of this is the fact that customer acquisition costs are through the roof. Right now, the cost of acquiring new customers is TWICE as expensive as the actual solar panels. This is a big problem for solar installers.

Why? Because it’s starting to cut into installers profit margins, making it harder and costlier to scale solar businesses.

So, why is this happening? Because of the social forces involved in the equation.

2- The Social Forces

The reason why selling solar is getting tougher is because solar is still being marketed using methods that don’t sit well with the public.

Even as most other industries stopped door knocking and cold calling years ago, the solar industry still relies on these nineteenth-century techniques. These methods may have worked in the past, but their effectiveness is going down. And it’s going down because public attitudes have changed over the last decade.

Nowadays, consumers have less patience than ever for companies interrupting them out of the blue.

And for this, you can blame the third market force, the Internet.

3- The Technological Forces

The Internet has changed marketing and it has changed what consumers expect marketing to look like.

In the past, marketing was all about interrupting consumers with ads. Nowadays, consumers expect companies to earn their way to attention.

And that means putting out not just ads explicitly promoting products and services, but also publishing content that offers helpful advice to help empower consumers to make their own buying decisions.

These days, it’s not just newspapers, magazines, and popular blogs that are publishers. Every company that wants to succeed in marketing must also become a publisher. In this way, companies build trust, which is what it takes to get attention in today’s crowded media market.

So, IF the residential solar market wants to move from a niche market to mass market, customer acquisition costs must be drastically reduced. And achieving this goal requires a fundamental shift in the way solar is sold and marketed.

If you’d like to grow your business and are not satisfied with high customer acquisition costs, the Internet can help you gain market share and increase the gross margin you earn on each installation by converting your website into a lead generation machine that generates high quality leads, at a low cost.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, which try to buy attention by forcing your message on people who may or may not be interested, these strategies are designed to attract qualified prospects to your business by earning people’s interest through the creation of valuable and relevant content that consumers actually want to see.

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