Creating Climate Wealth:

Unlocking the Impact Economy

“Thanks to entrepreneurs like Jigar, mainstream capital is flowing into climate change solutions, green jobs are being created and industries are saving money while investors are making compelling financial returns.” 

Richard Branson

Jigar Shah, the author of this book, is the founder of the largest solar energy services company in the world, SunEdison. He transformed the solar industry not by using new technologies, but by implementing an innovative no-money-down business model that focused on selling solar energy as a service instead of selling solar systems. This is known as infrastructure as a service. By doing this, Jigar was one of the pioneers to attract mainstream capital to solar installations.

The books main premise is that Climate Change is a business opportunity masked as a crisis. Jigar states that fixing the climate crisis presents us with one of the biggest financial opportunities of our lifetimes. In the book, he lays out a blueprint for entrepreneurs and investors on how to capitalize on climate change by showing how much and where the investments are needed.

According to Jigar, we have the technology, the capital and the know-how to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius (avoiding climate catastrophe) and making money in the process. All we lack is the organization and some Will. What is needed more than anything are entrepreneurs developing and implementing new business models that attract mainstream capital for the benefit of the environment.

In this book, Jigar offers insights on how he created the ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ model in order to inspire an army of entrepreneurs to replicate and translate this model into other industries where proven technologies exist, but don’t have the right business models to attract the necessary investments. These industries include transportation, building efficiency, agriculture, waste treatment, etc.

This book is for anyone who has the intention of joining the war against climate change and make a living out of it.

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